Who We Are

Verzilla is a Free virtual Marketplace for people who use e-commerce to buy, sell and showcase products. It’s free to join, and sellers never have to pay anyone to create their stores, list their products and sell them!

Our Mission

We are here to help the online business store owners and e-commerce enthusiasts, as well as an online buyers who are frustrated by automated, impersonal and costly online shopping sites that put up barriers between buyers and sellers
  • bring success to your ultimate FREE online business venue
  • connect shoppers and sellers
  • help Buyers get their bargain and Sellers keep their profit
  • be a part of our online global fairs and events!

"Sometimes there is no need to travel far to find what you are looking for."

Why Choose Verzilla?

On Verzilla you can:
  • Create your Free online Store and showcase your products
  • Upload and manage your products
  • Track your sales/purchases
  • Initiate Events and invite your fellow sellers and buyers - coming soon!
  • Promote your products by creating your Posts
  • Use verzilla email marketing features to send your newsletters and updates to your potential customers - coming soon
  • Use "Highlights" section feature for discussions and updates
  • Offer discounts and promotions to your potential buyers by creating and sending discount coupons instantly
  • And, ultimately: Make More Money by "sharing less walls"

Verzilla Quick Facts

  • Founded 2022
  • Headquartered in the San Jose, CA
  • New products are added daily

We are most likely the only Free online Marketplace which is mainly donation supported. Our service will always be free, so no need to worry about that changing at any time. And your contributions will help us to pay the cost for the servers and bandwidth, and help to improve the platform going forward. Every cent makes verzilla.com platform better! And as always, the most powerful donation is social share! Please share our Free online Marketplace, this will help us move forward.