Ladys Ruby and Diamond ring


LADYS RUBY AND DIAMOND RING The lady's 18 karat yellow gold ring, handmade, is comprised of one oval shape mixed-cut, natural Burma ruby (Mogok) and 28 round diamonds. Total gemstone weight: Ruby 2.14 carats ; Diamonds 1.68 carats. The ruby is held with 4 prongs ; and the diamonds are mounted in staggered rows with 3-prong heads. The half-round style ring shank bears the quality stamp," 18K" which has been verified with an electronic gold tester. There are no visible manufacturers mark on this item. Total weight for the metal is 7.53 grams. This ring is in new condition. Ruby quality characteristics. Dimensions 7.70 x 7.00 x 4.85 mm ; Carat Weight: 2.14 carats ; Colour: slpR , Saturation; Vivid, Medium-Dark tone ; (Colour/Tone; GIA colour system) ; CIarity Grade: MI (Moderate texture due to natural silk inclusions); Brilliance Good; Proportions: Very Good ; Finish: Very Good ; Gemstone identification and origin determined by: refractive index; microscopic examination; Visible absorption spectra; Luminescence to short and longwave ultraviolet radiation. . The stone is untreated. *( Colour, tone , clarity and cut proportions characteristics on centre-stone are done after set in mounting.) Diamond quality characteristics: 28 round full cut melees: dimensions; 2.0 mm and 3.0 mm Carat Weight: 1.68 carats total,; Colour Grade : "F-G"; Clarity Grade: VVS 1- 2. Good polish and symmetry. '" The colour, tone and clarity characteristics are based on a subjective opinion. New condition, never used,, retail estimate 101500.00Euros

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