10 KPM plaques BOOK painting porcelain portraits slightly Used

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KPM Plaques: Gaining an Insight into the Art of Painting on Porcelain slightly used copy: good, like new condition Product Details: ISBN: 0-9762771-0-7 Complete Book Title: KPM Plaques: Gaining an Insight into the Art of Painting on Porcelain Author: Sean Shakrovski, Vera Rininberg Binding Type: Hard Cover with dust jacket Copyright Date: 2005 Number of Pages: 256 Size: 8 3/4" x 11" (22.5 cm x 28 cm) Retail Price $79.95 Book Subject: Porcelain Plaques Pub. Date: May 2005 Publisher: Finestein Book Publishing Condition: Slightly used, like new KPM Plaques: Gaining an Insight into the Art of Painting on Porcelain covers a broad variety of questions and concepts never-before addressed in any literature. The development of KPM plaques is discussed in direct relation to the development of art in those times, as well as to the changes in artistic style and taste. The book also gives detailed advice on the recognition of false marks and answers a variety of common questions regarding authenticity, comparing and recognizing quality of painting. In addition, the book is richly illustrated with photos of plaques and miniatures, many of which are rare and are being presented to the public for the first time. Most of these paintings on KPM and continental plaques are described in detail. This is the first Book - collector's guide that was ever published about KPM plaques. The book contains the chapters about real marks, porcelain material textures, and fake marks; suggestions on what to pay attention to etc. It also has a chapter with charts and price analysis from large live auctions. So, for every one who is thinking of collecting or wants to know about KPMs or porcelain paintings on plaques in general - this book is an ideal source to refer to. This guide is of interest to beginning and experienced collectors, antique dealers, historians and for just anybody who wants to have more information about these fabulous antique works of art. KPM Plaques: Gaining an Insight into the Art of Painting on Porcelain addresses many questions asked by old and new collectors, and discusses information relating to the history of plaques and miniatures, various subject descriptions, value determinants and techniques in distinguishing the authenticity of KPM plaques. Illustrated with hundreds of high-quality photographs, this book is like a work of art itself. This book will make a great gift!the sale is for a LOT of 10 books
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